Woo Hoo! Another My Sexy Saturday Snippet!

Howdy all!

Yes, it’s that time again.  My Sexy Saturday snippet this week is a dip into my Ride A Cowboy series.  And since, this week’s theme is “Once is Not Enough,”here’s an excerpt from the first of the five novellas.

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In my book, Ride A Cowboy, when the desperate cowboy Wade MacReynolds wants to purchase water rights for his cattle from the beautiful and headstrong brothel madame, Lily Barnett.  She agrees, but only on her own terms.  The handsome cowboy must pleasure her one night in exchange for seven days of water for his herd.  A battle of wits and wiles ensue!


As Wade rode away from Lily’s, only one thought ran through his mind. How in God’s name was he going to keep his head straight around her? Within the first few minutes of meeting her, he was panting after her skirts like a hound sniffing out a prairie dog. It was damned embarrassing. Not a single day of his life had he ever surrendered himself to the wiles of a woman.

Of course, he had to admit, Lily Barnett wasn’t just any woman. She was a hard-hearted vixen who used her womanly attributes to milk every last dollar out of the men around her. Why, he’d even heard of a fellow who’d sold the gold fillings out of his teeth for a week of Lily’s delights.

And yet, the memory of her softness, her enticing scent, and her moans of pleasure struck a chord deep in his soul. Somehow a real woman’s heart beat within her. He was sure of it. True, it was buried beneath the layers of cynicism and anger, but it was there.

Riding through the early morning mist, Wade had an idea. Maybe it was possible to get through those hard layers and bring the real Lily out. Surely, if anyone could accomplish it, it was him. He knew all about leaving the past behind and starting a better life.

Of course, he had to admit, wooing Lily was definitely going to be a challenge. But, she was now like an itch under his skin that no amount of scratching could cure. So, what if he decided to return the favor?

Smiling, Wade spurred his horse forward. Thinking of ways to entice Lily would keep his mind occupied while he did his chores the long day ahead.

Yep. He definitely had some planning to do.


So, if you get the chance, check out my books in the Ride A Cowboy series:, Ride a Cowboy, Back in the Saddle, Unbridled, Roped and Tied, and Branded!

Happy Reading!


You know what they say, Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy...

You know what they say, Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy…

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