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Yep.  It’s that time again.  And when you’re finished reading my sexy snippet, skip on over to and read all the other great excerpts listed there!

This week, I’m showcasing my book, Strong Arms To Hold Me (which is a free Amazon Kindle download this weekend, 5/9-5/10)

The Set Up~

Strong Arms To Hold Me is an historical western romance, set in Texas and Kansas. A former rebel soldier kills a fort commander and when he is brought back for justice, she offers to help him escape on one condition. If he’ll help her get pregnant. They spend only a few nights together, but their passion born out of desperation endures hardship and separation until they beat the odds and are able to rebuild their broken lives.

The Snippet~

Reed tugged against his restraints. So very much he wanted to hold her. As she coaxed and caressed him, he fed on the desperation in her actions. For whatever reason she’d had chosen to marry McCallister, Reed realized that this woman hadn’t known what it was to be loved. It was clear from her appearance just why the army officer had married her. Though he knew he shouldn’t have cared, he wished that he could take Callie in his arms and show her that all men weren’t beasts, all men didn’t use women and hurt them just to gain their own pleasure.

Soon though, his awareness narrowed only to her. Her touch, her scent, and the sound of her breathing consumed him. In the space of the moments in which the two of them labored to complete an act that should have been the glorious joining of two people, Reed grieved for what could have been if life had dealt with them differently. Yet, for them, there was no future and no past, only the present and he forgot all else.

When they’d finished, Reed took deep breaths and tried to deny the exhaustion overcoming him. He wanted to fight it, to stay awake, but nature had taken control and would not release him from the effect of the day’s events. Barely able to keep his eyes open, he looked down at Callie who leaned forward, her form slowly listing down until she rested upon him. Shaking with gentle sobs, the dampness of her tears moistened his chest.

Reed wanted to comfort her, but restricted by the chains, even that was denied him. Instead, he had to settle for a light kiss on the top of her head. It wasn’t enough, but then, when had anything in Reed’s twenty-eight years ever been enough?

Suddenly, Callie sat up, and slid to stand beside the cot. Without speaking, she pulled the sheet up to cover him completely. Lingering only a moment more, she bent and placed a gentle kiss upon his forehead, then abruptly fled the room. With the closing of the infirmary door, he was left alone with nothing but the memory of their coupling.

As heavy as the footsteps of the hangman, reality returned. The dark night stretched out before him, and thoughts of the future chased him like hounds after a rabbit. Once again, he could almost feel the rope around his neck and the wooden planks under his feet threatening to disappear at any second. Escaping his judgment was impossible. There was no use thinking otherwise. Besides, how many men could say that a beautiful woman had made love to them before their execution? His thoughts faded as exhaustion crowded out his other senses.

“What the hell,” he told the darkness, “there are worse ways to die.”


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