I’m baaack!

(Note to readers: you can also find this post under my other name, Pamela Labud at http://www.pamlabud.net.  Thanks!)

Yes, my month of madness is finally over.  I’m home and about to get busy with some writing stuff.  I have a lot on my plate the next few months, and I really need to write my little fingers to the bone!

Also, I’ll be trying to do weekly the weekly blog hops for My Sexy Saturday and Weekend Writing Warriors. I loved doing them both and getting to share with as well as read new to me authors.

So, want a quick recap of my month so far?

Romantic Times Frenzy:

It all started with my husband and I flying to Dallas the week of the Romantic Times Convention.  We arrived on Sunday, and met in person for the first time, an online writing friend of mine, Angela Drake.  A finer person you’ll never meet!  She made our stay so much fun. I hope to travel her way again one day.  Then, Mr. Bill and I  spent Monday checking out downtown Dallas.  One of my life’s dreams was to go the JFK museum and visit the infamous Grassy Knoll.  It was smaller than I’d thought, but still breathtaking. For the afternoon, Mr. Bill and I immersed ourselves in the history of the event that we both experienced in childhood. I was five when President Kennedy was assassinated.  Incredible that i still can remember it like it was yesterday.

Then, after that, I registered for the convention on Tuesday, but didn’t get to do much because I would only get to go to the festivities on Wednesday because Mr. Bill and I had to fly to Arizona early Thursday to get to my daughter’s graduation on Friday.  I did get to attend a couple of workshops and met with my Loveswept editor, and some fellow LS authors.  We had a lovely dinner and chat.  I was in the company of an awesome group of authors.  I can’t wait to catch up with them again!

Graduation Frenzy:

On Thursday, we hit the skies again and soon landed in Phoenix.  A great town, for sure.  Got our rental car and went to my daughter’s roommate’s house.  She graciously let us stay there (yay! no expensive hotel!) and her Mom and Step dad joined us for a post graduation cook out.  Well, her mom Debra, really did all the cooking, lol.

Caitlin’s graduation was Friday at noon.  Bill and I walked around downtown Mesa and ate at an awesome little Mexican restaurant, and then visited an oldies but goodies, record store, Asylum Records.  Great place, lots of rock-in-roll history there!

I’m so proud of my girl.  She left the nest at barely 18, and got her Bachelor’s in Game Design in only 3 years.  It was a beautiful ceremony.

We then left for home on Monday, we had a red-eye flight.  So, it meant trying to sleep all day and then pack up and head for the airport at eight p.m.  As it was, Arizona was nice to us, with temps in the 70’s all weekend, until Monday and then it became a true desert climate, lol.  (Also, managed to squeeze in a few  hours in Sedona–my fave place in AZ).

God Bless USAir, because even though their computer totally threw out Caitlin’s ticket, (we almost couldn’t get her on the plane!)  They made it right and she got to come home with us.  A long flight that had one stop and home by eleven the next morning.

Wedding Frenzy:

The rest of the week we spent getting ready for the wedding!  And, it meant doing things like shopping, getting Caitlin out the door to join her sisters and friends for the bachelorette party, which involved the girls staying a night at a resort hotel in Downtown Disney, a forbidden balcony and some glow sticks.  Um, the details were sketchy, lol.
Soon it was Saturday and the girls and I started the day early with hair and make up, last minute runs to the store, and meeting at the country club for the ceremony.  It went off without a hitch.  No rain, but it was in the 90’s and the usual so humid you could swim to your car steamy day.  (Learned a valuable lesson.  Hairspray? Not a good choice for hot, humid outdoor activities.  Just sayin’)

Then, after the ceremony, we went to the in-laws for a fabulous reception where we had BBQ, plenty of spirits and a fantastic DJ.  Much dancing ensued.  Then we saw the kids go off on their honeymoon.

I only cried about a dozen times, which for me is hardly at all, LOL!

So, I’ve spent the last few days unpacking, cleaning and laundry.  Finally I’m at the keyboard again.

Sorry for the long post, but there you have it, lol.  I promise much shorter ones from now on.  Oh, and check back on Saturday and Sunday for the blog hops.  Always lots of fun!

Happy Reading!


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