Weekend Writing Warriors Blog Hop (RO)

Howdy again!

Here it is!  #SSunday, or another eight sentence excerpt from one of my novels for the Weekend Writing Warriors Blog Hop, which you can find at: http://www.wewriwa.com.  Check out all the fabulous authors showcased there!


For my excerpt this week, I thought I’d change it up a bit and throw in a bit from one of my current WIP’s, Luke’s Destiny, book 2 in my Love Amongst the Pines series.  (Book 1 is Cole’s Redemption!)


Once again we visit the small town of Whispering Pines, South Dakota, where love ain’t easy and a gal’s new husband can be found in the most unlikely places, like propped up on a hanging tree, or maybe robbing a bank…

Set in the 1880’s, this is the story of a luckless young woman who decides to find her husband via a ‘mail order groom’ add in the local newspaper.  Expecting a bank teller, what she gets is her very own outlaw, complete with a Pinkerton agent hot on his trail.  One problem?  He was attacked on the trail and after taking a terrible beating, he has no memory of his marriage contract or

his bank robbing.

The Excerpt: Chapter One

Just when he’d thought he’d gotten away, Luke heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. Whirling around, he saw the last person he’d expected. Shock warred with anger as he realized he would not get a clean get-away. After so many time wiggling out of harm’s way, he was going to be ended by a mistake. A stupid mistake at that.

“You think you’re gonna dance away all pretty and such? I know the real reason you joined the gang, Durant. You’re a gol-dammed lying no good son of a rattlesnake.”


Thanks lots for stopping by…

Happy Reading!


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My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop is back!


I know I’ve been gone awhile, (see my previous post!) but I’m back with another My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop snippet.  After you check out my entry head on over to http://www.mysexysaturday.blogspot.com to see all the other fabulous authors showcased there!


Back in the Saddle

The Setup:

An ex-con cowboy needs to get his cattle to market so he can earn enough money to pay restitution for a bank robbery he didn’t commit. Desperate to keep his herd alive long enough to get them to market, he offers to buy water rights from his neighbor, a sexy brothel madam. Tired of always serving the needs of men, she decides to really make this cowboy pay! She insists that in addition to payment, he must pleasure her, one night a week for seven day’s worth of water. A battle of wit’s and wiles ensues.

The excerpt:

“What do you say, cowboy? Are you ready for another wild ride?”

He should have seen it coming. Wade MacReynolds stood knee-deep in mud, sweating hard under the hot Texas afternoon sun, cursing his ill-fated luck. On the hillside above him, Lily Barnett, the infamous madam of Lily’s Pleasure Ranch, sat perched on her buckboard, staring down at him.

He hadn’t intended for his afternoon’s work to turn into a bawdy show, even if his only audience was the lovely Miz Barnett. Worse yet, she wore a low-cut, brazenly azure lace bodice that pushed up her ample breasts when she leaned forward. To add an even finer edge to his torture, she wore a slender, white linen skirt that hugged her shapely body down to her pert little ankles and half boots.

It was all he could do to keep from throwing down his shovel, climbing that hill, and teaching her a lesson. He could just imagine her fine lace blouse torn in half, her skirt pushed up, and her shapely legs wrapped around his waist, while he stoked the sexual blaze that had built between them since their night together.

Swearing, he plunged his shovel into the dirt hard, doing his best to forget her piercing blue gaze and the vision of the riotous red curls framing her petite face. The memories of their tryst six days earlier flooded his mind.

On that day, Wade had signed a contract with Lily, which stated she would grant him water rights on her property for his cattle, for a week at a time, and that she continue to do so only if he pleased her sexually prior to each renewal. He would trade one night of passion each week so his cattle stayed alive.

He’d made a deal with the devil. Well, if the devil was the damned sexiest woman that ever breathed. Of all the darn right, dirty tricks, this one had to be the worst. Sweat trickled down the side of his face, following the same path her kisses had that night. He tingled every place she’d touched him, which was pretty much everywhere. He got a fist-sized knot in his gut every time she entered his thoughts, which lately was pretty damn often. Worse than all that, he’d practically turned into a walking erection.

End of Excerpt.




Happy Reading!


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I’m baaack!

(Note to readers: you can also find this post under my other name, Pamela Labud at http://www.pamlabud.net.  Thanks!)

Yes, my month of madness is finally over.  I’m home and about to get busy with some writing stuff.  I have a lot on my plate the next few months, and I really need to write my little fingers to the bone!

Also, I’ll be trying to do weekly the weekly blog hops for My Sexy Saturday and Weekend Writing Warriors. I loved doing them both and getting to share with as well as read new to me authors.

So, want a quick recap of my month so far?

Romantic Times Frenzy:

It all started with my husband and I flying to Dallas the week of the Romantic Times Convention.  We arrived on Sunday, and met in person for the first time, an online writing friend of mine, Angela Drake.  A finer person you’ll never meet!  She made our stay so much fun. I hope to travel her way again one day.  Then, Mr. Bill and I  spent Monday checking out downtown Dallas.  One of my life’s dreams was to go the JFK museum and visit the infamous Grassy Knoll.  It was smaller than I’d thought, but still breathtaking. For the afternoon, Mr. Bill and I immersed ourselves in the history of the event that we both experienced in childhood. I was five when President Kennedy was assassinated.  Incredible that i still can remember it like it was yesterday.

Then, after that, I registered for the convention on Tuesday, but didn’t get to do much because I would only get to go to the festivities on Wednesday because Mr. Bill and I had to fly to Arizona early Thursday to get to my daughter’s graduation on Friday.  I did get to attend a couple of workshops and met with my Loveswept editor, and some fellow LS authors.  We had a lovely dinner and chat.  I was in the company of an awesome group of authors.  I can’t wait to catch up with them again!

Graduation Frenzy:

On Thursday, we hit the skies again and soon landed in Phoenix.  A great town, for sure.  Got our rental car and went to my daughter’s roommate’s house.  She graciously let us stay there (yay! no expensive hotel!) and her Mom and Step dad joined us for a post graduation cook out.  Well, her mom Debra, really did all the cooking, lol.

Caitlin’s graduation was Friday at noon.  Bill and I walked around downtown Mesa and ate at an awesome little Mexican restaurant, and then visited an oldies but goodies, record store, Asylum Records.  Great place, lots of rock-in-roll history there!

I’m so proud of my girl.  She left the nest at barely 18, and got her Bachelor’s in Game Design in only 3 years.  It was a beautiful ceremony.

We then left for home on Monday, we had a red-eye flight.  So, it meant trying to sleep all day and then pack up and head for the airport at eight p.m.  As it was, Arizona was nice to us, with temps in the 70’s all weekend, until Monday and then it became a true desert climate, lol.  (Also, managed to squeeze in a few  hours in Sedona–my fave place in AZ).

God Bless USAir, because even though their computer totally threw out Caitlin’s ticket, (we almost couldn’t get her on the plane!)  They made it right and she got to come home with us.  A long flight that had one stop and home by eleven the next morning.

Wedding Frenzy:

The rest of the week we spent getting ready for the wedding!  And, it meant doing things like shopping, getting Caitlin out the door to join her sisters and friends for the bachelorette party, which involved the girls staying a night at a resort hotel in Downtown Disney, a forbidden balcony and some glow sticks.  Um, the details were sketchy, lol.
Soon it was Saturday and the girls and I started the day early with hair and make up, last minute runs to the store, and meeting at the country club for the ceremony.  It went off without a hitch.  No rain, but it was in the 90’s and the usual so humid you could swim to your car steamy day.  (Learned a valuable lesson.  Hairspray? Not a good choice for hot, humid outdoor activities.  Just sayin’)

Then, after the ceremony, we went to the in-laws for a fabulous reception where we had BBQ, plenty of spirits and a fantastic DJ.  Much dancing ensued.  Then we saw the kids go off on their honeymoon.

I only cried about a dozen times, which for me is hardly at all, LOL!

So, I’ve spent the last few days unpacking, cleaning and laundry.  Finally I’m at the keyboard again.

Sorry for the long post, but there you have it, lol.  I promise much shorter ones from now on.  Oh, and check back on Saturday and Sunday for the blog hops.  Always lots of fun!

Happy Reading!


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Let’s do this–another Weekend Writing Warrior Blog Hop! (RO)


Hope you all are having a great weekend!  I’ve got another great snippet to share for this week’s Weekend Writing Warrior blog hop.  When you’ve finished reading here, head over to their site: http://www.wewriwa,com and check out all the other great excerpts.  #8sunday


This time, I’m showcasing another snippet from my work in progress: Luke’s Destiny.  Book 2 in my Love Amongst the Pines series, where the small town of Whispering Pines, South Dakota is host to yet another troubled young couple.  Here is my 8 sentences from the very beginning, when Luke Durant, intent on masquerading as a mail order groom to swindle the lovely Miss Clara Wingate and steal from her family trust, is faced by his worst enemy…

” There’s nothing more dangerous than a man facing a death sentence or a wedding…”

The Snippet~

Just when he’d thought he’d gotten away, Luke heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. Whirling around, he saw the last person he’d expected. Shock warred with anger as he realized he would not get a clean get-away. After so many times wiggling out of harm’s way, he was going to be ended by a mistake. And a stupid mistake at that.

“You think you’re gonna dance away all pretty and such? I know the real reason you joined the gang, Durant. You’re a gor-dammed lying no good son of a rattlesnake.”


Thanks lots for stopping by!

Happy Reading,


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Yeehaw! Another My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop snippet!



Yep.  It’s that time again.  And when you’re finished reading my sexy snippet, skip on over to http://www.mysexysaturday.blogspot.com and read all the other great excerpts listed there!


This week, I’m showcasing my book, Strong Arms To Hold Me (which is a free Amazon Kindle download this weekend, 5/9-5/10)

The Set Up~

Strong Arms To Hold Me is an historical western romance, set in Texas and Kansas. A former rebel soldier kills a fort commander and when he is brought back for justice, she offers to help him escape on one condition. If he’ll help her get pregnant. They spend only a few nights together, but their passion born out of desperation endures hardship and separation until they beat the odds and are able to rebuild their broken lives.

The Snippet~

Reed tugged against his restraints. So very much he wanted to hold her. As she coaxed and caressed him, he fed on the desperation in her actions. For whatever reason she’d had chosen to marry McCallister, Reed realized that this woman hadn’t known what it was to be loved. It was clear from her appearance just why the army officer had married her. Though he knew he shouldn’t have cared, he wished that he could take Callie in his arms and show her that all men weren’t beasts, all men didn’t use women and hurt them just to gain their own pleasure.

Soon though, his awareness narrowed only to her. Her touch, her scent, and the sound of her breathing consumed him. In the space of the moments in which the two of them labored to complete an act that should have been the glorious joining of two people, Reed grieved for what could have been if life had dealt with them differently. Yet, for them, there was no future and no past, only the present and he forgot all else.

When they’d finished, Reed took deep breaths and tried to deny the exhaustion overcoming him. He wanted to fight it, to stay awake, but nature had taken control and would not release him from the effect of the day’s events. Barely able to keep his eyes open, he looked down at Callie who leaned forward, her form slowly listing down until she rested upon him. Shaking with gentle sobs, the dampness of her tears moistened his chest.

Reed wanted to comfort her, but restricted by the chains, even that was denied him. Instead, he had to settle for a light kiss on the top of her head. It wasn’t enough, but then, when had anything in Reed’s twenty-eight years ever been enough?

Suddenly, Callie sat up, and slid to stand beside the cot. Without speaking, she pulled the sheet up to cover him completely. Lingering only a moment more, she bent and placed a gentle kiss upon his forehead, then abruptly fled the room. With the closing of the infirmary door, he was left alone with nothing but the memory of their coupling.

As heavy as the footsteps of the hangman, reality returned. The dark night stretched out before him, and thoughts of the future chased him like hounds after a rabbit. Once again, he could almost feel the rope around his neck and the wooden planks under his feet threatening to disappear at any second. Escaping his judgment was impossible. There was no use thinking otherwise. Besides, how many men could say that a beautiful woman had made love to them before their execution? His thoughts faded as exhaustion crowded out his other senses.

“What the hell,” he told the darkness, “there are worse ways to die.”


Thanks for stopping by and  have a great day!

Happy Reading,


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Weekend Writng Warrior Blog Hop once again! (RO)


I hope ya’ll are having a good weekend  It’s been crazy busy around here, but not so much that I can’t offer up another Weekend Writing Warrior excerpt.

This week I’m offering up an small snippet from my book, Cole’s Redemption.  A desperate young woman barters her most prized possession, her mother’s wedding ring, in order to buy a husband from the gallows in order to have him work her silver mine.

And, when you’re done here, skip on over to the Weekend Writing Warrior page and check out other great excerpts.


~The Excerpt~

“Well, little girl, just lookie what’s goin’ on! You didn’t tell me we was having another hanging.”

Natty Lane, sole proprietor of the Denton Lane Silver Mine, stood along the edge of the crowd, stretching on tiptoes, and trying to see the spectacle that was gathering at the foot of the gallows.

“Yeah, I did, Dermott. I’ve told you every day for a week. Remember the trial we went to last Monday? And then we talked about how we were going to ride into town and fetch us a man to help around the place?”


Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Reading


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Woo Hoo! Another My Sexy Saturday Snippet!

Howdy all!

Yes, it’s that time again.  My Sexy Saturday snippet this week is a dip into my Ride A Cowboy series.  And since, this week’s theme is “Once is Not Enough,”here’s an excerpt from the first of the five novellas.

And, while you’re at it, run over to http://www.mysexysaturday.blogspot.com

In my book, Ride A Cowboy, when the desperate cowboy Wade MacReynolds wants to purchase water rights for his cattle from the beautiful and headstrong brothel madame, Lily Barnett.  She agrees, but only on her own terms.  The handsome cowboy must pleasure her one night in exchange for seven days of water for his herd.  A battle of wits and wiles ensue!


As Wade rode away from Lily’s, only one thought ran through his mind. How in God’s name was he going to keep his head straight around her? Within the first few minutes of meeting her, he was panting after her skirts like a hound sniffing out a prairie dog. It was damned embarrassing. Not a single day of his life had he ever surrendered himself to the wiles of a woman.

Of course, he had to admit, Lily Barnett wasn’t just any woman. She was a hard-hearted vixen who used her womanly attributes to milk every last dollar out of the men around her. Why, he’d even heard of a fellow who’d sold the gold fillings out of his teeth for a week of Lily’s delights.

And yet, the memory of her softness, her enticing scent, and her moans of pleasure struck a chord deep in his soul. Somehow a real woman’s heart beat within her. He was sure of it. True, it was buried beneath the layers of cynicism and anger, but it was there.

Riding through the early morning mist, Wade had an idea. Maybe it was possible to get through those hard layers and bring the real Lily out. Surely, if anyone could accomplish it, it was him. He knew all about leaving the past behind and starting a better life.

Of course, he had to admit, wooing Lily was definitely going to be a challenge. But, she was now like an itch under his skin that no amount of scratching could cure. So, what if he decided to return the favor?

Smiling, Wade spurred his horse forward. Thinking of ways to entice Lily would keep his mind occupied while he did his chores the long day ahead.

Yep. He definitely had some planning to do.


So, if you get the chance, check out my books in the Ride A Cowboy series:, Ride a Cowboy, Back in the Saddle, Unbridled, Roped and Tied, and Branded!

Happy Reading!


You know what they say, Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy...

You know what they say, Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy…

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Weekend Writing Warrior Blog Hop–Strong Arms to Hold Me (RO)


This week I’m joining in the Weekend Warrior Blog hop!  You can check them out at



My excerpt is from my book Strong Arms to Hold Me, available on Kindle.

~Set up~

Strong Arms To Hold Me is an historical western romance, set in Texas and Kansas. A former rebel soldier kills a fort commander and when he is brought back for justice, she offers to help him escape on one condition. If he’ll help her get pregnant. They spend only a few nights together, but their passion born out of desperation endures hardship and separation until they beat the odds and are able to rebuild their broken lives.


“I want you to give me a baby, Mr. Strong,” Callie held her breath.

The words tumbled from her mouth, as though someone else had spoken. A stunned silence settled between them like a phantom. She watched his face carefully. The wounds of the past few days were barely visible, but if she looked into his eyes, the pain was still there. As was the defeat and anguish of the war they’d both left behind. Holding her breath, Callie waited as the seconds grew into minutes, each seeming like an eternity.


Happy Reading!


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My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop and Free download: Cole’s Redemption 4/18 and 4/19!

Howdy everyone!

I hope ya’ll are doing well!  Things around here have been super busy.

I know It’s been awhile since my last post, but I’ve come out of hiding (or rather, working the day job) to jump back in the saddle and start blogging again.

I’m going to start by joining in the awesome My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop.  Below I’m going to post seven paragraphs from my book: Cole’s Recemption.  And, as an added bonus, Cole’s Redemption is a free  Kindle download this weekend: 4/18/15 and 4/19/15.  Click on the cover link below to get your copy!

After you’ve read my excerpt, head over and check out all the other author excerpts!


~The Set Up~

When a condemned man is on the verge of hanging, a desperate young woman bargains her most prized possession to ‘buy’ his freedom in exchange for marrying he and helping her with her silver mine.  Both quickly realize that getting married was the easy part, but being man and wife, was going to be a lot more challenging for them both…

~The Excerpt~

Fascinated, Natty watched the graceful strokes of her husband’s muscles glinting against the water. He looked almost magical, gleaming in the night. In a few minutes, he’d be up to the shore.

When he’d nearly made her side of the creek, Natty stood up. At first, she thought he didn’t see her. She watched as he drug himself up the gentle slope. He was breathing hard from his exercise; his movements slow and lumbering. He looked like a dark beast arising from the water.

“What are you doing, Natalie?” He asked between gasps.

“I came out for a swim,” she told him calmly. “Seems like a nice night for it, stars should be out soon.” As she talked, Natty unbuttoned her shirt, slow and deliberate, holding him there with her gaze like some fairytale witch casting a spell.

“Natty, please,” he said in a low moan. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me!”

“I’m just getting ready for a swim.” When she finally undid the last button, she heard a low rumble come from him. Urged on by the guttural sound, she stepped closer, pulling the garment off of her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. For the first time in her life, she revealed her naked body to man. A distant part of her mind said she should be ashamed to flaunt herself, but she could no longer control the desire she felt for Cole. Another part of her mind answered back, after all, by law, they were man and wife.

“Please,” he whispered. “If you don’t stop this now, we can’t turn back.” In spite of his protests, he moved a step closer. “For God’s sake, Natty. I’m not that strong!”


Happy Reading!


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Time to Ride again! Weekend Writering Warriors 8 sentence Blog Hop…(RO)


This weekend I’m participating in a blog hop with Weekend Writing Warriors.  Below I’ve posted 8 sentences from my book, Ride A Cowboy, the first in a series of sexy western novellas and all are available for both Kindle and Nook!  Check them out if you get the chance!

Also, swing by http://www.wewrwa.com and read other great blog posts listed there!

My sample:

Ride A Cowboy is about a ex-convict rancher who’s trying to raise a heard of cattle to sell and earn money to pay off a debt and stay out of prison. Unfortunately all of the water access to his land have been cut off except one. That is owned by a beautiful and stubborn brothel madam. After seeing the hunky cowboy, she decides to grant him access to her land, on one condition. He gets 7 days of water access each week if he spends one night of passion with her.

“Come on over, Cowboy. Let’s see if your dick is as big as your ego.” Lily Barnett had written her response on lavender scented paper.

Wade MacReynolds narrowed his eyes at the tall, elegant female script that was scrawled across the page. Feigning anger, he crumpled up the parchment and stuffed it back into his leather vest pocket.

Minutes from riding onto her property and showing her just how well endowed he was, Wade reined in his mount. The animal neighed in annoyance but did as he was bid. The wind stirred around them, and a wolf howling in the distance echoed the unrest that stirred in his chest.

Thanks again! Have a great day and Happy Reading!

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