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I know I’ve been gone awhile, (see my previous post!) but I’m back with another My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop snippet.  After you check out my entry head on over to to see all the other fabulous authors showcased there!


Back in the Saddle

The Setup:

An ex-con cowboy needs to get his cattle to market so he can earn enough money to pay restitution for a bank robbery he didn’t commit. Desperate to keep his herd alive long enough to get them to market, he offers to buy water rights from his neighbor, a sexy brothel madam. Tired of always serving the needs of men, she decides to really make this cowboy pay! She insists that in addition to payment, he must pleasure her, one night a week for seven day’s worth of water. A battle of wit’s and wiles ensues.

The excerpt:

“What do you say, cowboy? Are you ready for another wild ride?”

He should have seen it coming. Wade MacReynolds stood knee-deep in mud, sweating hard under the hot Texas afternoon sun, cursing his ill-fated luck. On the hillside above him, Lily Barnett, the infamous madam of Lily’s Pleasure Ranch, sat perched on her buckboard, staring down at him.

He hadn’t intended for his afternoon’s work to turn into a bawdy show, even if his only audience was the lovely Miz Barnett. Worse yet, she wore a low-cut, brazenly azure lace bodice that pushed up her ample breasts when she leaned forward. To add an even finer edge to his torture, she wore a slender, white linen skirt that hugged her shapely body down to her pert little ankles and half boots.

It was all he could do to keep from throwing down his shovel, climbing that hill, and teaching her a lesson. He could just imagine her fine lace blouse torn in half, her skirt pushed up, and her shapely legs wrapped around his waist, while he stoked the sexual blaze that had built between them since their night together.

Swearing, he plunged his shovel into the dirt hard, doing his best to forget her piercing blue gaze and the vision of the riotous red curls framing her petite face. The memories of their tryst six days earlier flooded his mind.

On that day, Wade had signed a contract with Lily, which stated she would grant him water rights on her property for his cattle, for a week at a time, and that she continue to do so only if he pleased her sexually prior to each renewal. He would trade one night of passion each week so his cattle stayed alive.

He’d made a deal with the devil. Well, if the devil was the damned sexiest woman that ever breathed. Of all the darn right, dirty tricks, this one had to be the worst. Sweat trickled down the side of his face, following the same path her kisses had that night. He tingled every place she’d touched him, which was pretty much everywhere. He got a fist-sized knot in his gut every time she entered his thoughts, which lately was pretty damn often. Worse than all that, he’d practically turned into a walking erection.

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